Thursday, March 19, 2015

I lost 21.60 lbs. in 18 days doing paleo and walking

So on March 1st 2015 I weighed myself and was the highest I have ever weighed. 373...I thought no way...I did it again...I was 373 lbs. So I knew It was time to stop and take care of me. This was ridiculous and I had to make some changes or I was going to keep gaining weight and end up dead. 

So March 2nd I decided that I was going to adopt the paleo lifestyle. I had already done this last year for 7 weeks and had lost 38 lbs. doing it and got lazy one week and didn't go to the grocery store and that was the end of it. But I knew it worked for me and I am kicking myself in the but for not doing it. oh well...move and and begin NOW! 

Today it is 3/19/2015 and I am 18 days in and I am down 21.60lbs! I am eating paleo and walking 5 nights a week anywhere from a mile to three miles!! I am still allowing for small amounts of dairy. I still use coffee creamer in the AM for my coffee and I allow some fat free cream cheese for my sweet peppers. Everything else I am eating is a meat, fruit, veggie, or nut. 

I am going to weigh in everyday and I am going to keep a log of everything I eat, bad or good, if I slip or if I fall, if i walk, if i don't! Bare with me and lets get healthy!